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Top 6 Best Ad Network for Monetize Your Blog or Website

hello guyz im back with the intersting article in this article we talk about the top six best ad netework for monetize blog or website.i share top 6 networks with you through these network you can aprove you sites easily.


Google Adsense

1)Google adsenes
google adsens is also part of google adsenes is a very hard or seo based network if you have real or organic content so used this network if you have copyright content so dont use this network beacuse cant aprove your site through google adsens.but google adsens is very biggest and high level ads network if you have your own content so you aprove your site easly and earn money.and google also give very high level revnew instead other network.
Link: Google Adsen1

2) is competitive of google adsens but is more easy instead of google adsens.beacuse if you mediam lavel content but you can aprove your site and earn money.but is not gives you good income thorgh this site.but it not bad instead other low level if you have mediam lavel content so you can use this network.


adsterra is competitive on 3rd number.and adsterra is not bad network for these user. that is also gave goods ravinew to these user.that is very easy to get aprove your site and get good icome with low if you not so good in seo so you get this network.
Link: Adsterra


infolinks is also a good ads network if you have a site on app and softare topic and you write very long articles on these topic so you can use this network beacue this network support long wrighting types article and through this network you aprove your site easlay and get good ravnew.
Link: infolinks


popads is very good opetion for you if you want mediam level incom on mediam level content.that is not bad option for your site.through these site can get aprovel for your site.and get money for your site.
Link: Popads

Propeller Ads

6)Propeller adsand at last i have a good option for yes that is a propeller ads if you cant write article and not afford article writer for your that site is very good option for add copyright content on your site and get aprovel form this networ beacuse this site has no problem with your copyright article or content. so add your site on this networks and get good ravenew.
Link: Propeller Add

All Add Network All info

So i hope you uderstand very well form this articel and chose best ads network for you.
Have you any skill in online field and are you interested in online working or have you already work on like fiverr wordpress and many other online working web in this article we are talk about a website like a fiverr.on this website you can eran through provide online services like web developing web designer and much more.

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In this age on internet and technology everyone wants to earn from internet which is called online we have many online plate form and website where we can earn online but every single website or plate form from these are very hard for online working some of these are very easy to work but that is can not provide 100% revenue to her user and partner but Here we talk about a web site which name is EVER SUQAR that is totally like fiverr and up this website you can provide your skill to other people through services.if you are good at some thing about online working like web developing,web designing,2d animation,3d animation,whiteboard animation, article writing and much more online skil.if you have any skill one of them you have earn much revenue from this site.YouTube Video Tags Generator

This website have a very good feature which is 100% revenue.that is can not cut your revenue like other website fiverr and up work mean any thing you can earn form this site that is yours.and the second most inspiring feature is that when you refer some on this site and that is login through your link so you can get 1 dollar and that is not for only one times any you can refer some one and they login through your refer link you can get 1 dollar.
How to remove background noise in Android - Audacity for Android | Rec Clear sound

Creating best video with best quality voice over or voice effect is first priority for any pro and struggler youtuber because audio makes 50% effect and some big youtuber also says if your voice quality is very batter then compromise on video quality is very easy there for we can says or voice effect is first priority for any pro and struggler you are a struggler Youtuber or you can not buy very good and high quality mice for your in this article we are talk about a voiceover audio recorder application which name is lexic audio editor.if you are already know about this app you can leave this article.or if you listen this name for first time keep with me after this article your voice over problem solve for lifetime.

For making a batter voiceover we have to fix two major problems first of all we have remove background and useless noise form the audio second most important thing is that amplitude level set perfectly there for we can say if you are remove useless noise from audio and amplitude level set perfectly you can makes your voice over perfect but the major problem is that how can we remove that all sit from our video.that why we can presenting the most use full audio editor for you.after use this you can makes your audio quality we can define how to use this toll.
First of all you have to go on playstore and download this app which name is lexic audio is given belowYouTube Video Tags Generator

After download this app open it you have to see a very simple interface of this this app you also record audio make it open it and record some audio after recording fist of all you have to fix your audio level for this you have to go in effects and go voice reduction and you have to different layer here so make you audio from there.and you can also fine many other feature for edit and make your voice batter so I hope you fully understand form this article.

Best free screen recorder || Record Your Screen 4k and Full HD

If you work in an online field, you need to record your computer or your laptop screen every other Day or any tutorial or No class recording is required
In this case, you are looking for any screen recorder that is absolutely free and also records in good Quality.
Screen Recorder is a screen capture software that allows you to record everything you do on your Computer or laptop.
There are many software's on the market that can help you with screen recording, but most of them Require the purchase of software and a new Youtuber.
They don't have the budget to buy them
The screen recorder I want to share with you is absolutely free and the fun part is that you can use it.
You can record up to 4k

O Cam Screen Recorder

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This is a completely free screen recorder that can record up to you video and has all the features that you would find in a pad screen recorder.
It's very easy to run, all you have to do is install it and your computer or laptop
You have to set it according to the number of parts you want to record and your video record now you can upload it anywhere and edit it anywhere in any good editor.

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