Earn Money from whatsapp viral script / How to make Festival Wishing Website 2020

hello Guys I am back with new and Cool way for online earning.that is called viral script.in this way you generate very best revenue with very little effort.

what is viral script?

Viral script is based on the special event or festival like eid muharam ramzan Independence day diwali holli and other festival.in this script you make best wishes for the viral terends and viral it on the WhatsApp and other social media site and earn money.

  • how to create Script

Here i provide a different links for the different script.whatever script you want simply copy its link or click on it. when you click on this link you find a drive file so just copy this fill and go to the blog→creat a new blog account →add new blog → add title of blog exp happy new year and like that →add your username or address →select a Themes and now you have a new blog but work is not End.Now select another theme on next page you find and apply it →click on revert to classic theme → off the Neve bar → paste the copy script on edit theme HTML and save it. Now You Have A special festival Viral Script.

  • How To Earn.

If have a domain with approved adsen you just creat a sub domain of this mean domain.here we provide screen shots for your help
So When you creat a Sub domain add it in adsen and apply the ads on it.and edit you script HTML and paste the adsen code there. And viral this script on WhatsApp and other Social Media Sites.Evey time a person open your script he see your ads and you earn form this method.
So I Hope You exactly understand form this Article.

Scripts Screen Shot

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